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My first anxiety attack happened at work and at the time i didn’t know what it was. My chest tightened up and no matter how many deep breaths i took it never felt enough, like i was not getting enough oxygen which then makes you start breathing faster and faster which just makes it worse. i really thought it was some kind of heart attack, my heart was beating so fast and my whole body began shaking. After that anxiety attack my whole body would tingle which felt very odd. This happened a few times before i found out what it really was.

Luckily for me our workplace had the free doctor check ups going and when i had mine done the lady had to do my blood pressure 3 times before she referred me to an actual doctor as it was way too high. With pressure from my mum i reluctantly went to see a doctor, He took my blood pressure as well and then asked me questions about anxiety attacks which helped me realise what i was having for the past couple months were that and not any heart problems. With that information he gave me some xanax and sent me on my way (which is not what a doctor should really do now)

Taking my first xanax felt amazing, i had never felt so relaxed and at ease, i didn’t have a care in the world and this is what i thought was a normal feeling for people everyday. At this point is when i hurt my back resulting in sciatic nerve pain which i wouldn’t wish upon anyone.

In my next chapter ill describe how important it is to find the right doctor and discuss more into the drugs i was given for my anxiety and depression and also the drugs i had for my back pain.