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Finding a doctor that takes this seriously is half the battle. As mentioned in my previous post i had hurt my back badly, this got to a point that i went to the doctors and he gave me diazepam (which is like xanax) and some pain killers. Again these did not help in the long run.

My back was on and off with pain now and i was being ignorant and not getting it looked at properly. I turned my attention back to my anxiety by finding a better doctor who takes it seriously, He drew up a mental plan and we began with some drugs to help me out. This point i was put onto the popular one Zoloft, and for bad episodes i was given xanax. I was also given epilim but wasn’t keen in taking them as well with everything else.

The zoloft came with side effects, within a week of being on them i wasn’t really eating i felt down and every morning id wake up feeling really anxious so i was getting very little sleep. with this i was taking xanax every day and every morning id get so anxious that id throw up. After about a month of this my body started to get used to this and i was upped my dosage of Zoloft. I never felt any different and felt like it was a waste of time but i persisted.

I got a lucky break and got a new job and was feeling really happy until i did my back again resulting in me going to the hospital where a new drug became my friend. I was bed ridden, when i tried to get up and walk the pain was so bad i would feel instantly sick and since i had started a new job i had to get back ASAP. I was back to work within a week still in pain but taking strong pain killers everyday. most days were just a blur, taking codeine painkillers and xanax slowed everything down it felt like i had longer time to think but only took the slight edge off the pain. that’s when i thought i cant live with this pain forever. Feelings disappeared and i felt like an empty shell. I didn’t care about my own safety or if anything bad happened to me. After a few months my back pain wasn’t as bad and i wanted to put weight back on again but i was never hungry and still didn’t feel well and this led to a new drug…………………….

Beginning of a new drug………………….. Please follow and like my blog, in my next entry ill discuss what the next drug was and continue the downward spiral.