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Hi everyone, this is a couple of expressed feelings i had written down during those bad times, im sure alot of you could relate to this….

trapped in a sea of despair

holding onto hope like a raft.

waiting, dreaming for the rescue.

a light comes closer like a warm glow of happiness,

alas your aches are replaced with cheer,

you see your future bright and clear,

it feels like it will last forever but nothing will, never ever.

that light you once saw that filled you with warmth

was nothing but hope empty and cold.

my mind is together but my heart is torn

this feeling is torture, why was i born?

the sense of alone and being left behind just like that sea i float. Empty. Unkind.

One More……

stuck in a hole with no way out.

All i can see is a spot of light

it can never be reached

it just stays there above me not giving hope

Seeing something i want but will never have.

the walls close in but never crush

not much air but enough to live.

nothing but torture created by evil but this evil has a name and the name is you.

Thanks for reading, ill have my next part to my journey up hopefully tomorrow.