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So its a new year which means everyone has a new years resolution that majority break within a week or two. So why do so many of them fail? it all comes down to the way you set your goals, Most common goals are i want to exercise more or lose weight and save money. Yes these are good goals but unfortunately near impossible to achieve, why? you may ask, well because they are too broad and you have given yourself a whole year to achieve this which means you put it off and put it off until you realise its new years eve again.

The best method to achieve your goals is to cut them down into smaller goals and set timeframes. lets say you want to lose weight this year, so lets cut that down to smaller goals, goal 1: sign up to a gym in the first week. Goal 2: exercise 2 to 3 times a week, find a friend or a PT to help motivate you to go. Goal 3: to lose 5kg in one month. By making smaller achievable goals throughout the year it will keep you on track and show results throughout the year to your main overall goal. Your mind will see the smaller goals as achievable then setting one over a whole year, we are very busy and the world is fast paced these days so its hard to concentrate on something when you aren’t really keeping track or seeing results.

You can also use this method for anxiety, for instance this year id like to have more control over myself and have less panic attacks. So i set this goal and then break it down, I find my triggers and then break them down into achievements, for example large crowds can trigger my anxiety so in one month id like to go to 2 crowded places with friends and when i achieve this i will reward myself, this could be anything from new shoes to a new game. Your mind reacts to Β the rewards you earned for doing two things you aren’t comfortable with and in time your mind will adapt and see your anxiety triggers as something different.

Make sure this is all written down and when you do achieve a goal write it and cross it off and also write down what you rewarded yourself with. A good friend of mine told me to set up a jar or something and throughout the year when you do something good or something good happens write it down and date it with your name and put it in that jar, by the end of the year you will have a jar full of great milestones you had achieved and probably forgot about and if you’re living with someone they can have theirs in there too.

So remember, set yourself realistic goals throughout the year and reward yourself along the way, before you know it you will have accomplished your major goal for the new year.