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I love learning things so im going to dive into some interesting stuff about people and the universe.

If you look at a picture of you a few years ago you might say ‘wow i haven’t changed at all’ but actually you are different, completely different. When broken down we are just a bunch of cells which is then broken down to atoms. Atoms make up everything including the universe but let me jump back to your body. Yours cells are constantly dying and new ones taking its place, some of them you see which is hair and some are a-lot smaller like skin. you’re constantly a new person with the same mind.

Now let me go back to the universe. We all know its huge and forever expanding and its made up of atoms. Just for a minute lets imagine the universe is a large pile of coal rocks, all made of atoms and all looking different, truth is you will find some rocks identical because of the size of this large pile of coal. Now when you look at people who are made up of atoms in a certain way and you look at how large the universe is there is a large probability that somewhere out there is an identical copy of you, in fact there could be several. You will most likely never meet them as there’s no end to the universe but it is amazing to think that somewhere in the universe several you’s are living. Believe it or not but these facts are backed up by professionals and scientists not just me being a crazy person haha.