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I thought i would talk about dating, I’m going to talk about both sides but i will start with men as it’s the easiest for me haha and after some interviews ill discuss the women’s side.

For starters guys are mostly arrogant and will say anything to just get sex. Majority of this is between the ages of teen years to mid 20’s. I’m going to payout on guys because most of them are shocking these days.

In what case does a woman want a picture of your dick instead of a hello how are you? do you really think she all of a sudden is turned on and wants you because you have a penis? congratulations you have something every guy has.

Iv’e been guilty of this but i don’t do it any more and nor did i do it every week, and that’s topless pics of yourself all the time. Good on you for going to the gym and keeping fit and there is nothing wrong with putting up some progress pics now and again but when you start taking them all the time and that’s your main picture or what you send to a woman first then you have problems.

Technology is great but it has ruined dating and just talking to the opposite sex in general. You can now just hide behind a computer or phone and say whatever you like with no remorse or guilt, Not even caring about their feelings at all.

Not all guys are bad of course and for the nice ones all it does is make them look bad as women lose the trust and just think they are after one thing and no matter what they say they won’t believe them. It becomes a vicious cycle for both parties.

I’ll end it on this note, I was only after sex when i was younger and i was arrogant too. But for me it was just a phase that i regret but in saying that i have respect for women and hope to one day find the right one, but i swore to myself along this journey i will always be honest as i’m after more then just sex i want a best friend.