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I could make this short and sweet.

Life isn’t a popularity contest. And that’s it.

But i will add a bit more. Do you want to find the right one that you trust and want to spend your life with? or do you just want to get heaps of likes or friend requests to just be popular on the internet and draw in the wrong crowd. Do you want to be respected? or just to be a man’s trophy win?

Every woman has super sharp instincts, use them. Deep down you know who is good and who isn’t trustworthy. You cannot change a guy no matter how much you keep telling yourself you can. Listen to your inner thoughts, go with your gut feeling as i said you know the answer deep down about a guy but sometimes you just refuse to listen to it and push it at the back of your mind.

In saying that not all women are like this of course and same goes for my other one i made about men so if it doesn’t sound like you then don’t take it to heart this isn’t aimed at anyone specifically.