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How important is friendship? And not just friends that you talk to i mean the deep meaningful friendship where you know they will be there for you no matter what.

Here is my story about an incident not long ago that really changed my thinking.

To have a best friend is great but to not hear from one in so long it makes you think are they still thinking about you like you are of them? or is it just another end to a great friendship.

I had a private number call me and i missed the call but a voice to text message was left and just from what it said i had a feeling who it was, then i could hear the voice message and i was almost positive i knew who it was. I did some tracking due to certain incidents so i couldn’t contact them very easily. I was able to contact them and i asked the question and guess what, i was right. To be re-connected with such a friend felt so good that words cannot describe it.

We began talking and that’s when i really found out they thought about me all the time also and hadn’t forgotten or moved on. The feeling of knowing someone else cares about you as much as you do them is true happiness. For this person i would do anything for them and that’s why i kept my distance out of respect (i won’t go into details on this) It was painful to do but i felt it was the right thing to do at the time and it was all my fault and to hear them apoligise to me threw me back and really made me realise what a true friend really is. I do hope one day in the future things will change and we can go back to normal but in the time being im filled with hope and so much happiness knowing they are there thinking of me as much as i do for them.

I feel friends in a way are more important then family, as they say you cant choose your family but you can with friends. Make the most of it, make true friends đŸ™‚