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Doubts will destroy you and make you question everything, This is happening to me right now. I thought I had found the job for me, something that each day I’m happy to go into work and get things done. My first doubt came in when 3 weeks into the job HR came in with the boss to have a word to me and list things that I should be doing which I thought ok no problem I’ll address them and get on top of it which I did and was feeling good again. But it wasn’t to last, just yesterday it was another similar meeting with even more points and questioning everything I do from as little as not emptying out the bosses bin in his office. And then the big question, am I out of my depths? followed by it doesn’t look like it’s working out. I wish I had an answer, is just over a month long enough for me to be on top of everything? am I just stupid? am I not meant to be a manager? am I not meant to be happy? what should I do? am I seriously that useless? where do I stand?

So many questions and I have no answers and I don’t know where to even get these answers from. I’m stuck.