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Everyone talks about it and now where ever i look people are in relationships. I’m at that age where this is exactly what i want, iv’e had enough of the games and going to night clubs. My heads on straight, I’m mature, i have a career and i can be funny at times haha.

The problem is where are all the nice women that want to settle down? they are not in pubs/clubs, and in nice bars it’s just couples. I don’t see any come into work, where are they hiding?

I thought to myself maybe they are busy with there careers and are in the online dating scene. Boy was i wrong, it’s either fake accounts or they just won’t respond to you because they assume you are on there just for sex. I can’t win all i ask for is a conversation, 1 chance to get to know me and so i can get to know you and if you’re not interested than fine at least there’s no regrets and also if you’re not interested than say so other than leaving me hanging not knowing. Anyway that’s enough about online rubbish. I hope one day soon i meet someone that wants to settle down and really wants to get to know me as much as i want to get to know them on a more deeper meaningful level.