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Where do i stand, how does my mind work? Life is really like a roller coaster, I don’t think there is any way you could just stay stable. As soon as you feel on top and happy you know a downfall of some sort is just around the corner, so when you are down and feel you couldn’t get any lower at least you can think that something good is bound to happen to pick you back up. Or does it? was there a bunch of small positives throughout feeling down that i missed as my attention was solely on negative things? Am i selfish for wanting to have what others have that would make me happy? what are real feelings and how often do normal people feel down or anxious? These are things i think about almost daily. They are all real emotions that everyone feels but when is feeling anxious considered normal? and in what ways should it effect you? Considering i’m on medication i think about it a lot as i’m unsure when is my anxiety normal or if it’s abnormal. So i guess in the end i don’t know what’s considered to be a proper feeling and when feeling anxious or down is normal.

Just something to ponder for people feeling the same way or even for people that might have family and friends suffering from these mental conditions too.