My Story with anxiety and depression so far….

Hi everyone and welcome to my blog.

My name is Scott and iv’e decided to share my experiences and journey through depression and anxiety from when it all started to how im dealing with it now. I know alot of people out there are just like me and dealing with it alone. What i hope is this gives you the strength to get the help and make your way out of that dark place.

Unfortunately Depression and anxiety still has a stigma attached to it but we have come a long way with more people coming out about it and the great website But alot of people (me included) would stay silent and see it as a weakness and assume people will tell me to ‘man up’ or ‘grow up’, i never considered it to be a mental illness just something that everyone deals with until i discovered they dont. I would get anxious over anything, from going to work to just driving down to put some petrol in my car, it would get to a point where i couldn’t imagine living like this forever. Enter the depression……………….

So this is the beginning of how it began for me and i plan to go through all my steps and experiences along the way from the worst moments to the good moments and how i deal with it on a daily basis.


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