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What’s the dream that every beauty contestant wants? That’s world peace, but will it ever happen?

Unfortunately i don’t see it ever happening, well at least in our lifetime and the next several generations. Each new generation is raised with the same ideals as there parents and in some cases this means hate towards other people, weather its race, gender or religion. Big companies are to blame as well, every year these companies need to achieve a larger profit then the previous year and they will do anything to achieve that. War is money, until we can acknowledge that a human life is priceless and not just a number we will never get peace.

Greed is also the enemy. Its a normal feeling but damages people and countries when it goes too far. Our politicians in every country should focus more on the people but sadly that isn’t the case it gets corrupted very easily, and what causes this corruption? Money! something that we made to be worth something, you don’t have money in the bank any more it’s just some digits on a computer that states your worth.

Greed and hatred is far too strong and easy to get swept up in, the rich look down on the poor and the poor see nothing but hatred for the rich. I cannot see this changing and i cant see any of the power struggles or fights between countries and religions ending any time soon. I know i’m sounding a bit depressing but im trying to be realistic and this is how i see the world now and forever in the future unless a new generation is raised differently in fairer environment with the rights that everyone deserves.

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